Do you buy books?

Yes we do. But... they have to be the right kind of books.

What kind of books do you buy?

Our main interest is in rare and collectable books. That doesn't necessarily mean they must be very old (printed books go back over 550 years, and anything that old would definitely be of interest!) but there must be something about them that appeals to the collector.

Such as?

  • A first or very early printing of a classic work
  • Something beautifully bound or illustrated
  • Something with an interesting ownership inscription or provenance
  • Something describing an important historical event / discovery / new bit of technology, where the book itself was printed at the time of the event described
  • Something by or about an artist published during his or her lifetime, preferably illustrated with art quality engravings or lithographs
  • Something charming / quirky / revealing of another age
  • Something early or significant in the history of printing / illustration techniques / dust-jackets / cloth bindings.

It really is difficult to summarise - but we are always happy to chat about any books that you are considering selling.

Do you buy complete collections?

We love buying large collections! As long as it contains plenty of interesting books, we are usually happy to make an offer for a complete collection, if that is what the seller wants.

The beauty of running a large, well established bookshop is that we can handle quantities of general books as well as rare and collectable material, and we can therefore offer the seller the most complete service.

Do you visit and collect?

If the collection is large and the books sound interesting enough, we will travel anywhere in the UK - without charge and with no obligation - in order to make an offer of purchase. If our offer is accepted, we will pack and transport the books ourselves - there is never any charge for this.

Do you buy things other than books?

Yes - paper based ephemera, pamphlets, advertising material,  manuscript material, diaries, letters, folding maps, occasionally sheet maps and engravings, sample books, letter books, old account and receipt books, sketchbooks, autograph books, old photographs (loose or in albums), scrap albums... all sorts of things, printed or manuscript, on paper or card, or mounted on paper or card.

How do you pay?

For small to medium purchases (up to ~2,000), we pay immediately upon receipt of the books, either by cheque or direct transfer or (for small amounts and solely at our discretion) in cash.

For large purchases (usually big collections), we pay a deposit once our offer has been accepted, at which point we become responsible for insurance. The balance is usually paid within 30 days of receipt of the books, although the full amount may be remitted straight away by arrangement. We never charge for packing, transportation or insurance - nothing is ever deducted from our payment, and potential vendors always know where they stand with us.

How do I proceed if I want to sell my books?

Call us during office hours, or e-mail:

All enquires will be treated in confidence.

Eagle Bookshop Ltd, 103 Castle Road, Bedford MK40 3QP.


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