Firstly, welcome!

We hope you enjoy using our website, which tries to recreate the kind of browsing experience you get at our real shop in Bedford.

However, if you find all the graphics associated with our 'virtual shop' just a bit too much, you can select the 'text only' version of our website here.


You are most welcome to browse!

Enter the room of your choice by selecting the appropriate door. If you are using a laptop or desktop, a small box should appear briefly as your cursor hovers over a shelf - this describes its contents. Selecting the shelf will reveal our stock in that area. If you are using a tablet or mobile, you may have to enlarge the view in order to read some of the shelf names on the image.

Every website needs a virtual Fiona...

We have decided to give detailed information only on our specialist or more valuable books, and these can be purchased online if desired. For the huge majority of our stock, you will have to visit the real shop and have a proper rummage! To entice you in, we have included recent photographs, where possible, of some of the real shelves in each category. Remember, there are 40,000 books in our shop in Bedford

Listing our specialist stock and photographing the shelves is an ongoing process, and it has really only just begun. We would be delighted for you to return to the website occasionally to see what else we have added, and what else we have acquired. We will keep you up to date with significant purchases and events in our news section.


Sherlock the (virtual) shop cat appears on all the internal pages - click him to search for a specific book. Remember, this will only search our listed stock. Sherlock is arrogant enough to run his own blog - be warned. He is about to go public with it.

Shopping Trolley

Watson, the (virtual) shop dog, however, is much better mannered. He pulls your shopping trolley along, and you can click him or the trolley at any time to check or edit what you have selected or to send through your order.

Ordering from the website

When you place an order from the website, we receive notification here at the shop. We are then able to confirm to you by e-mail that we still have the book(s) in stock. We will also be able to quote for postage, which is charged at cost.

You may settle the invoice by debit or credit card (phoned through to the shop during opening hours), by PayPal or by direct bank transfer. We aim to dispatch books within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact the shop during opening hours and conduct the whole business by telephone!

Standard book terminology

We have compiled a short glossary of terms we have used in our descriptions of books, and book terms which you may encounter elsewhere. It's a living document - if there is anything you are not sure about, feel free to ask us and we'll include it in the glossary if appropriate.

Unsure about anything? Just give us a call: Remember that behind this wonderful website beats the heart of a real shop! You'll be speaking to the real Fiona, or Calantha, Jean, Kate, Tim or myself, Peter.

 ... and every shop needs a real Fiona

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