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Change of Window and Congratulations

The overall winner of our Advent Book Calendar competition was Jo Hyne - congratulations to her, and to the other top scorers Phyllis Dixon and Rachel Tuxford. Only a pull from a hat could separate them!

The window now changes to promote our January Sale - details very soon!

Christmas Opening Times

We will be open until 4.00 pm on Christmas Eve.

We then open short hours of 11.00 am - 4.00 pm on:

Open as normal from Saturday 2nd January.


The Books are Revealed - Day by Day

It's open - the first book on our Advent Calendar! Did you guess the title correctly? Of course you did.
Tolkien's glorious introduction to the world of Bilbo Baggins was first printed in 1937 in a run of only 1500 copies and it sold out very quickly. Popping one of the rare first editions in your Christmas Stocking now may be asking a bit much of Santa - he could be giving out 30,000 bags of Haribos instead. Thinking about it, go for it, Santa! (The Hobbit, that is. To me.)

You can catch the opening of each of our Advent Book Calendar titles on our Facebook Page

Eagle Bookshop 2015 ADVENT BOOK CALENDAR

Here it is - your first peek at The Eagle Bookshop Advent Calendar, 2015. Adam and I have just manoeuvred it into position in the shop window, so do come and take a look. 
We have chosen 24 favourite book titles which we think would make ideal Christmas presents - one for each day of advent. Before we start opening them - one by one from December 1st - have a guess at the titles.
There's £100 worth of your choice of books from the shop to be won, and plenty of clues on the covers.


Bedfordshire Ghost Stories at The Eagle Bookshop: Saturday 7th November

A storytelling performance of Bedfordshire Ghost Stories by Jen Foley, author of Bedfordshire Folk Tales. The ghosts of notorious criminals, witch-burning and dark betrayals all feature in this entertainment. Admittance is free. Copies of Bedfordshire Folk Tales will be available to buy.

Huge Archive of Photographs Purchased

The Eagle Bookshop has recently completed the purchase of a substantial portion of the photographic archive of the Hemel Hempstead Echo & Post. With half a million images dating from about 1960 to 1983 (when the paper ceased publication), there is a fascinating range of cultural, social and technical history available.

We are beginning to sell photographs through the shop, at the monthly Bloomsbury Book Fairs in London and through our Ebay auction arm 'aumbus'.


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