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First Photo of the Forth Bridge, Signed & Dated by Designer

Is this the first ever photograph of the Forth Bridge?

Taken eight years before its completion, and signed and dated by the designer Sir Benjamin Baker in May 1882, it is a photograph of the model he used to demonstrate his amazing, innovative design to a specially appointed parliamentary committee. They were impressed, as we all know, and the rest is history - it has become one of the most iconic structures in the world.

And that's not all... on the back of the photo is a pencil sketch, presumably in Baker's hand, demonstrating the theory of the cantilever principle. You can even imagine him drawing it for the Prime Minister. Absolutely amazing.

I am thrilled to have purchased this, and I'll be devastated when I sell it - a sentiment the bank manager just won't understand!



This little machine is working overtime at the moment as the shop begins the process of collecting 50,000 books from around the country. Once a year, on average, we get a call to a house full of books. Really full, I mean, where the carpet is just a distant memory and you find books in the fridge. Such buys are always exciting, especially for our bank manager. Well now, like London buses, five have come in at once!
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