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For Libraries and Institutions

This page highlights some of the services we can offer institutions and public libraries which may have reserves of books that are no longer required. Such books may be taking up space which would be better devoted to more appropriate or relevant material.

We are very happy to offer a flexible service, ranging from identifying and offering to purchase material that is of significant commercial value to the possible purchase and removal of an entire discarded collection.

We have had thirty years of experience in dealing with rare, antiquarian, collectable and scholarly books. What makes us unusual is that we also reach out to a wide demographic with our large and dynamic town centre bookshop, and we therefore have the resources to handle quantity as well.

We know that discretion and quality of service are of importance to libraries, as well as the assurance that they will receive a reasonable remuneration for commercially valuable discards.

Sometime the commercial value hiding in space consuming runs of journals surprises librarians. This is particularly true of scientific journals, where individual issues – even of some 20th century titles – could be worth substantial sums. As you will see from our website, we deal in rare and secondhand books across a wide range of subjects, including science and mathematics.

Please, give us a call if you are considering disposing of books, catalogues, pamphlets, plans, photographs, large scale maps and other paper based material.

What you may feel is a liability could quite easily turn out to be a substantial asset.

Give us a call or email us at

Our trusty team of Rob and Peter Sr about to unload ANOTHER collection of books!
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