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The Eagle Bookshop was established as a rare and secondhand bookshop in 1991 and spent the first 28 years of its existence in Castle Road, Bedford.

Over those years the shop grew greatly in size (as did the proprietor, some may remark), always trying to keep up with the number of books being bought. First it leapt upwards into the old living quarters, then sideways into the neighbouring property. It even established an art gallery along the way.

The Eagle had crept upwards and sideways by 2004

Quaint and quirky though the bookshop was, there was a bit of a problem with accessibility – with most of the books being located up steep, narrow stairs. Oh, and there still wasn’t enough space for them.

That’s when the proprietor spotted a wonderful old property being restored in St Peters Street, in the heart of Bedford.

He had a word with the landlord, and a deal was done!

Finally, after a lot of hard work, in autumn 2019, The Eagle Bookshop was able to open its doors at St Peters Street, into 5000 square foot of wonderful space, all at ground level!

The new shop boasts its own bindery run by the wonderful Liz, and welcoming and talented team has expanded too!  Vania, Bee, Jenny, Cameron, Katharine, Jean, and Paul are all currently working at the Eagle Bookshop. The books are just as wonderful as they were in Castle Road, but now there are even more of them.

Oh, and the proprietor still hangs around.

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