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The History "Vault"

Here you will find some treasures – old statutes, court cases, newspapers, gazetteers, photograph albums and other source materials for the historian, along with editions of historical letters and diaries, and books on Archaeology, Prehistory and Ancient History.

For a quick tour of The Vault click the video.

Don’t forget The History Bay next door contains secondary works on British, Foreign and Military History.

For a more careful browse scroll through the gallery of shelves below.

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Monday to Saturday
10:00 – 5:30
11:00 – 4:00

For the Historian

Gazetteers, Statutes, Newspapers
Illustrated London News
Sources for the Historian
Sources for the Historian 2
Sources for the Historian 3
Letters and Diaries
Letters and Diaries 2
Letters and Diaries 3
Letters and Diaries 4

Ancient History and Archaeology

Archaeology & Ancient History
Archaeology & Ancient History 2
Egyptian Ancient History
Greek Ancient History
Roman Ancient History
Ancient History Oversize

Language Reference and Foreign Literature

English Language Reference
English Language Reference 2
English Language Reference 3
Foreign language Reference
Foreign Literature
Foreign Literature 2
Foreign Literature 3

Classical Literature

Greek and Roman Literature
Greek and Roman Literature 2
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