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The Literature Room

Here you will find novels, poetry, plays, Shakespeare, literary biography, literary letters, literary sets, Folio Society fiction, illustrated editions, rare and antiquarian editions, modern first editions.

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Monday to Saturday
10:00 – 5:30
11:00 – 4:00

Classic Novels

Classic Novels
Classic Novels 2
Classic Novels 3
Classic Novels 4
Folio Society Fiction
Folio Society Fiction 2
Shakespeare 2
Sets 9
Sets 2
Sets 3
Sets 4
Sets 5
Sets 6
Sets 7
Sets 8


Pre 20th Century Poetry
Pre 20th Century Poetry 2
Pre 20th Century Poetry 3
Pre 20th Century Poetry 4
20th Century Poetry
20th Century Poetry 2
20th Century Poetry 3
20th Century Poetry 4
Poetry Anthologies
Poetry Anthologies 2

Literary Studies

Literary Biography
Literary Biography 2
Literary Biography 3
Literary Biography 4
Letters and Diaries
Letters and Diaries 2

Bygone Local Authors

Bygone Local Authors
Bunyan 2

Modern Fiction

Modern First Editions
Modern First Editions
Modern First Editions
Modern First Editions
Modern Hardback Fiction
Modern Hardback Fiction 2
Graphic Novels & Comics

Children's Section

Early Children’s Books
Early Children’s Books 2
Early Children’s Books 3
Early Children’s Books 4
Early Children’s Books 5
Early Children’s Books 6
Lady Bird
Lady Bird 2
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