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The Science Room

Here you will find books on physics, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, engineering, scientific biography, history & philosophy of science, natural history, life sciences and medicine. Phew!

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10:00 – 5:30
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Natural History - Botany, Zoology, Evolution & Genetics

General Natural History
General Natural History 2
Evolution & Genetics
Evolution & Genetics 2
Evolution & Genetics 3
Botany 2
Botany 3
Botany 4
Botany 5
Insects and Birds
Birds 2
Birds 3
Collins’ New Naturalists
Collins’ New Naturalists 2

Scientific Biography and History & Philosophy of Science

Scientific Biography
Scientific Biography 2
Scientific Biography 3
Scientific Biography 4
Scientific Biography 5
Scientific Biography 6
History of Science
History of Science 2
Philosophy of Science

Popular Antiquarian Science, Sets and Papers

Scientific Journals
Scientific Journals 2
Scientific Journals – Academie des Science (lots available!)
Scientific Sets and Papers
Scientific Sets and Papers 2
Victorian Popular Science
Victorian Popular Science 2
Gresham Publishing and fine bindings

Computing, Technology, Horology, and Scientific Instruments

Early Computers
Early Computers 2
Early Computers 3
Technical & Industrial History
Technical & Industrial History 2
Technical & Industrial History 3
Oversize Technology
Horology & Scientific Instruments
Horology & Scientific Instruments 2

Mathematics: History of, Recreational, Early Works

History of Mathematics
History of Mathematics 2
Mathematics Collected Papers
Recreational Mathematics
Early Mathematics
Early Mathematics 2

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Physics: Classical, Modern, and Popular Works

Classical Physics
Classical Physics 2
Birth of Modern Physics & Modern and Popular Physics

Minerals, Chemistry, Fossils, Astronomy

Engineering, Telegraphy, and Photography

Engineering, General & Mechanical
Engineering, General & Mechanical 2
Engineering 3
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering 2
Wireless Telegraphy
Early Photography
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