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Every day we are asked ‘Do you buy books?’ Well, yes we do – tens of thousands of them each year. Just look at the shop!

But we have to be sensible.

We are always interested in buying rare and antiquarian books – contact us whenever you like if you have these to sell. If you are not sure if your books are likely to be valuable, you can email us photos of the books on shelves:

For general books, though, we often have plenty in reserve – mainly because of purchases like this:

Our trusty team of Rob and Peter Sr about to unload ANOTHER collection of books!

What sets us apart from many other bookshops and dealers – including auction houses – is the fact that we are prepared to consider buying large collections of books. We don’t mind the hard work involved in clearing a house full of them (or a palace or a castle full!).

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we would be interested in every large collection offered to us, because in the end there has to be sufficient appeal in the collection for our likely customers who are a mixture of ‘readers’ and ‘collectors’. But we would love to have the conversation!

We have the experience and expertise to offer fair and competitive prices at the top end of the rare book market, whilst at the same time having the capacity and customers for more general books as well.

We love books and we love people who love books – whether they are going for the rare gem priced in thousands or the humble ‘one pounder’.

If you need to sell a large collection of books that embraces a range of values, we would be delighted to hear from you. We won’t pick only the best items and leave you with the problem of disposing of the rest – we will offer a fair price for the entire collection if that is what you want. In addition, we will do all the packing and transportation ourselves at our cost – there will be no deductions or unexpected charges.

Please call us or email:

If you represent a library or institution please click here.

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