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Every day, without fail, we are asked 'Do you buy books?'

The answer is definitely 'yes' - in principle. I might even confess that it's an addiction!

However, sometimes we have so much excellent stock in reserve waiting to come out on the shelves that we have to be extra selective. And that means - usually with great reluctance - we have to say 'no thanks'.

We are always interested in hearing about rare, antiquarian and collectable books - either individual items, or whole collections.

One easy way for you to let us know what you have is to send us a photograph / photographs. As you can see on this website, one picture can cover three of four shelves in sufficient detail for us to be able to make an initial decision on whether to arrange a further viewing.

We recommend using WhatsApp to send the images. The shop mobile number for WhatsApp is:
07899 973 595

Alternatively, you can email us with details and images of the books. Send emails to::